How to create new aff or neg page -
1) Select New Page in the upper left hand corner of the page above the navigation bar.
2) Title the page the name of the team you are adding information (ex. Emporia BS) and tag the page the same as the page title (so the Page title would be Emporia BS and the Tag would be Emporia BS as well).
3) Hit create page and put at the top 1AC or the title of the respective negative argument and below it the outline or whatever is explained below for each situation.
4) Hit save and then select the school that you just created a new individual team page for.
5) When redirected to the school's page click edit and add the team name you put above under either Affirmative or Negative depending on what the info you just added pertained to.
6) Select the team name you just typed and go to the editor bar and hit link.
7) Then select the page from the drop bar that you just named that same team name and hit save.
That should be it but make sure the link works properly after completing this process. If you run into problems double check yourself against the instructions above and if it still doesn't work email me at or PM me on I am under the username Felix Hoenikker.

How to add info to an existing page -
As the year goes on it is likely that teams will say more than just the 1AC and negative arguments already up for them. If a page already exists for the team you are adding information to then click the link on the school's page to whichever team page you are trying to access (aff or neg). When on this page just click edit and then add the new argument outline or explanation beneath the existing one and hit save.

Basic Guidelines For Posting

When posting an affirmative get Tags and as complete a citation as possible and the first and last words of each card. Preferable would be a citation like below:

The United States maintains hundreds of forward deployed Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe
Lamond and Ingram 9
(Claudine Lamond, recently graduated from the Australian National University hoding a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, and a Bachelor of Asian Studies, Security and Strategic Studies, and Paul Ingram, Executive Director of British American Security Information Council, Getting to Zero Papers, No. 11 Politics around US tactical nuclear weapons in European host states 23 January 2009,
"While exact figures of US tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs) in Europe are classified "


"around 50-90 TNWs at the Incirlik airbase in Turkey."

If it is a card cut from a source that is not found online be sure to include the page number, the name of the book, and if possible the edition or year publishing year for the actual book (not the year of the most recent publication of the book or whatever). If it is difficult or impossible to obtain all of this information at a bare minimum try to include a tag or at least the gist of the argument made with that particular piece of evidence and a complete enough cite that it is possible for someone to locate it at easily as possible.

When posting Negative strategies the rules guidelines have to be at least a little more relaxed (due to the sheer diversity of negative arguments). At the very least try to include the shell outlines for the most common arguments each individual team reads with the same standards for citation as above. For less common arguments or if you didn't get all the cites to the negative's 1NC when you debated them or don't have the time to include it yourself simply give the argument title and a short description. An example of this can be found below:

Japan DA
The disad claims that the credibility of our Japanese extended deterrent is at a breaking point and the Japanese government is watching other US security guarantees and extended deterrent missions for signals on the dedication of the United States to these missions. The disad then claims that the affirmative would be negatively perceived by Japan and would cause them to proliferate and set off a chain reaction until vertical and horizontal proliferation reaches a breaking point and collapses due to either tensions or an accidental launch.

Standards for Participation
Obviously this is not entirely enforceable but is heavily encouraged.
1) If you are going to benefit from the casebook please participate in posting your own team's information to arguments already read in a debate round. Obviously no one will know if you just pop on to see what Shawnee Mission East or West has been reading lately but it is academically and morally objectionable to benefit from such information given in good faith if you are not willing to return the gesture.
2) Don't limit what you post to what you read - if a team reads an affirmative or a negative argument that is not posted feel free to do so. The goal of this project is not to facilitate giving one side an upper hand in the big Kansas Debate game of Gotcha! Additionally including the information of others helps, albeit benignly, push the community in the positive direction of pre-tournament disclosure. Which brings me to...
3) The purpose of this project - if you see not benefit in these principles and do not support them then please refrain from using this database. This project is exercised in the spirit of academic and educational openness, mutual cooperation and research, fairness, and high quality in depth research and debate. It is not grounded in conspiring against smaller schools or bigger schools or your state competition. While everyone obviously will use this for the purpose of developing strategy any malicious spirit or intent should be left at the door.